13th Moon is a luxury lingerie brand, born from the imagination of the designer Stéphanie Cappellini in 2015.
After having made her weapons in the creation of unique pieces for artists of the musical and theatrical scene then in the ready-to-wear, the designer returns to her first love the lingerie and the corsetry, which she worked when she studied fashion.

Her experience in the creation of costumes and dresses of stage gives her aesthetics and a strong universe to her collections in which one finds unique pieces or limited editions dear to the designer.

 A universe tinged with dark poetry and romanticism, marked by paradox, shifting and anti-conformism, borrowing SM dress codes with its satin harness sets while mixing them with delicate laces to obtain iconics creations.

Each collection has a specific theme and a universe telling a story .

Image sketch by Stéphanie Cappellini